Advisory Services

The Advisory services we offer at Grant Thornton Turkey, help enterprises to develop their capabilities and set their strategies.

This is a fast-changing world and we all need to experience and adapt to the change. Perhaps even more crucial than the change itself is the correct management of change. In particular, correct management of the processes of change, on part of corporations and organizations, would go a long way in terms of strengthening them, reinforcing their competitiveness and sustainability. The rapid change of the dynamics of competition necessitates this.

Advisory with a Focus on Growth and Value...

At Grant Thornton Turkey, our Advisory services provide guidance to enterprises and support them in developing capabilities, setting strategies, and implementing initiatives. The solutions we offer focus on growth and value. We offer value added services to achieve sustained growth, to develop the required infrastructure, and to eliminate the barriers obstructing growth.

Identifying opportunities, implementing strategies for growth, managing risks, improving performance, and enhancing competitiveness with the introduction of technologies are among the leading areas we focus on.

Our Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services

Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services

TURQUALITY® and Management Consulting Services

TURQUALITY® Support Program, which was put into practice in 2003 to increase the international awareness of our companies and brands, is the most important and comprehensive support program that will enable globally known brands to emerge and achieve export targets

Strategic Management, Developing Strategies and Strategic Planning

Operating a business without a well-defined strategic plan is like going on a journey without a map or destination. Grant Thornton Turkey consultants, will assist you in uncovering the strengths of your business.

Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation Process

The success rate of new product promotions has increased by 70% today. 75% of consumer deliveries on the same day are carried out by demand-based, socially connected distribution networks.

Performance Improvement and Change Management

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide you with the organization you need to develop methods to optimize your performance by ensuring results that reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

Strategic Human Resources Management

The structure of human resources management varies for each company. Each company goes to a structure that is appropriate for the value of its business structure and the functions of human resources in the business

Value Chain Management

In order to achieve the goals set today, where competition is increasing day by day, all of the business processes from the input to the product must be analyzed within the correct and determined criteria.

Institutional and Structural Transformation in Companies

Successful family businesses need to pay attention to the following points in order to achieve the desired results in both business performance and family relations.

Brand Strategy Development, International Marketing Management and Strategy

The most effective way to keep up with development and change in the globalizing world is to focus on brand strategies.

Business Process Analysis and Configuration

We offer services as Grant Thornton in projects planned to be implemented by our companies in order to redesign the processes, analyse existing business processes and identify opportunities for improvement, resulting in huge gains in terms of cost, quality, customer satisfaction and speed through radical changes.

R&D / Design Center Installatıon Consultancy

With increasing competition, companies have to invest in innovative products, designs and brands with high added value in order to enter the market, to become competitive or to sustain competitiveness.

Macroeconomic Analysis Consultancy

Companies and organizations should plan according to this data and create a Plan B. Thus, risks and opportunities of macroeconomic indicators will be anticipated.

Public Policy Consultancy

We consider economic development in a holistic context, accounting for natural resources and negative externalities of production and consumption.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation