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Advisory Services

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Aykut Halit

Advisory Services

The Advisory services we offer at Grant Thornton Turkey, help enterprises to develop their capabilities and set their strategies.

This is a fast-changing world and we all need to experience and adapt to the change. Perhaps even more crucial than the change itself is the correct management of change. In particular, correct management of the processes of change, on part of corporations and organizations, would go a long way in terms of strengthening them, reinforcing their competitiveness and sustainability. The rapid change of the dynamics of competition necessitates this.

Advisory with a Focus on Growth and Value...

At Grant Thornton Turkey, our Advisory services provide guidance to enterprises and support them in developing capabilities, setting strategies, and implementing initiatives. The solutions we offer focus on growth and value. We offer value added services to achieve sustained growth, to develop the required infrastructure, and to eliminate the barriers obstructing growth.

Identifying opportunities, implementing strategies for growth, managing risks, improving performance, and enhancing competitiveness with the introduction of technologies are among the leading areas we focus on.