Management Advisory Services

Strategy Development

Our strategy consultants will shape your future through a growth oriented perspective, and help you gain competitive edge and make use of the opportunities to achieve best outcomes. In our endeavors to design unique strategies for your firm, we study the market trends and industry outlooks in depth, through competitive lenses. We support you with our global and local resources and talents in your quest to increase the efficiency and productivity of the basic operations of your firm, and to identify your corporate strategy.

Performance Enhancement and Organizational Change Management

Our team will help you make the arrangements required for developing the methods to optimize your performance by achieving results to reduce your costs and increase your efficiency. Our consultants offer a human-centric organizational change management approach, increasing adoption rate, reducing risk, and directing performance to encourage performance.

Supply Chain Management

In order to be able to achieve the established goals against the rising level of competition in today’s world, the business processes should be analyzed as a whole, covering all stages thereof starting with the input to the final product, in the light of appropriate and pre-determined criteria. An accurate and simple identification of the processes, a deep understanding of the associated processes, the establishment of applicable roles and responsibilities, and the development of relevant reporting procedures are the means through which we serve as a solution partner in terms of achieving optimal cost levels and laying down procurement procedures.

Human Resources Management

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we embrace an employer and employee-centric perspective. To help you become a preferred employer and overcome the challenges of today’s business world, we offer solutions focusing on employers and employees in terms of talent and performance management, leadership, organization, and restructuring of human resources.

Marketing Strategies and Key Customer Management

Operating in more than 135 countries worldwide, Grant Thornton International is experienced in the management of various customer segments from various sectors. We share our experience not only in terms of designation of marketing strategies and the application of different marketing strategies with reference to the characteristics of customers of different purchasing powers, but also of customer management in general.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Today, against a background of ever rising importance of consolidation, company mergers and acquisitions which shape the wider sectors ever more have become rather common in Turkey. With our team experienced in analyzing financial statements, tax procedures, and audits, we offer services to have accurate assessments in the process of mergers and acquisitions, overcoming any issues which may arise, and completing the process without problems.

Valuation and Due Diligence Services

The financial power and brand value of the companies are crucial criteria when taking new investment decisions. Thus, they should be subjected to thorough analyses. In this context, Grant Thornton Turkey offers services to help you to take the right decisions supported by accurate analysis of the existing state of affairs, not to mention making accurate assessments. In the processes concerning the sale of your company or the analysis of its current standing, at our Turkish office we act as your solution partner making full use of our experienced staff of consultants in other countries as well, where required.