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Accounting Services

Service Scope

Head of Accounting

Neşe Kılıç

Today, outsourcing is a method widely employed to cut the costs and to keep track of current laws and practices without hassle. Accounting is the area where outsourcing is most widely used in Turkey as well as the wider world. Ever changing regulations and the need for competent high quality human resources lead corporations towards outsourcing their accounting. At Grant Thornton Turkey, we make sure that our clients’ accounting functions are executed smoothly and without any problems. The accounting services we offer develop a healthy and reliable accounting system to face the shareholders, investors and regulators, and relieve our customers from the burden of running the function inhouse.

Our services include the following: 

General Accounting

    • Establishment and implementation of the accounting system
    • VAT, Social Security, Withholding, Stamp Duty and Advance Corporate Income Tax Returns - Annual Corporate Income Tax Return etc. issuance and submittance
    • Consultancy regarding Uniform Account Plan and its application
    • Maintaining statutory books in line with the applicable regulations and end-of-year settlements
    • Payroll services
    • Management of the procedures to start the implementation of e-book and e-invoice practices
    • E-book and e-invoice practices
    • Conversions between local accounting systems and international accounting methods
    • Preparation of monthly financial reporting
    • Consultancy for tax questions and proposed solutions
    • Regular briefings about current regulations
    • Complete reporting processes before the Chambers of Commerce, Tax Offices, Social Security Agencies and Municipalities, regarding capital increases, capital decreases, address changes, executive appointments, general assembly meetings etc.

Cost Accounting

    • Establishment of cost accounting system
    • Preparation of reports on costs and profitability for submission to the company management