Certification Services

OKSB | Approved Person Status Certificate Application

Approved person status certificate holders benefit from the simplifications foreseen by the customs legislation. Blue line in export, use of partial collateral up to 1%, authorization of onboard delivery, simplified A.TR and EUR.1 allows the possibility to issue. As Grant Thornton Turkey, before the Customs Department of Commerce, we submit your document in addition to preparing your OKSB file and making your application so that your company can be declared reliable and benefit from simplifications to the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Pre-Control Risk Analysis Audit

The Ministry of Commerce oversees approximately 400 companies for subsequent inspection each year. Inspection authorities inspect your customs documents and records of these transactions at your facility according to the determined risk criteria.

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we audit your company to eliminate and minimize the consequences as well as to identify the risks that your company will face in future checks.

DIIB | Inward Processing Permit

Inward Processing Permit; is the customs regime in which the export of goods used within the customs duties during the importation of inputs to be connected to the guarantee of non- payment of customs duties and after the export of the guarantee is returned to the customs regime. In addition, it is possible to purchase domestically without paying VAT is also possible within the scope of the document. With the advantage of not having to pay customs duties and importing without incurring VAT financing, your company has the opportunity to increase its exports. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we are successfully managing the acquisition, revision and closure of your DIIBS

YTB | Investment Incentive Certificate

It is an investment incentive system that exempts companies that will make new investments or expand their existing investments from taxes such as VAT advantage in domestic purchases, customs duties on imports, VAT, KKDF, which can provide tax cuts as much as the investment made, which contributes to social insurance premiums and bank interest.