Tax Consultancy Services

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we also offer tax consultancy services to help our taxpayer clients manage their tax risks. We offer a clear road map to our corporate clients, regarding the pretty complicated tax regulations in effect in our country. In this context, we aim to offer effective and reliable results to our clients, in the light of the laws and regulations in force in Turkey. With reference to the reports produced through the tax audits we perform, we not only review the practices of our corporate clients in terms of compliance with regulations, but also aim to identify potential tax risks. Moreover, we offer tax planning services to cover subsequent periods. 

The tax consultancy services we offer at Grant Thornton Turkey cover the following laws:

  • Tax Procedure Law
  • Corporate Income Tax Law
  • Income Tax Law
  • Value Added Tax Law
  • Special Consumption Tax Law
  • Stamp Duty Law

The goal is to achieve savings on taxes based on a strong command of these laws as well as Incentive and Subsidy Regulations and the Agreements to Prevent Double Taxation.