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Institutional and Structural Transformation in Companies

Institutional and Structural Transformation in Companies

Successful family businesses need to pay attention to the following points in order to achieve the desired results in both business performance and family relations.

  • Group decision making processes,
  • Clear understanding of roles and responsibilities,
  • Proactive management of individual expectations, including growth, risk, liquidity and profitability,
  • Strong communication between shareholders.
  • These skills are more relevant to family businesses' business strategy, will provide worry less about the consequences of the decisions related the whole family and individual members of the family.

Create this foundation and focus the company on the things that will be most successful and It provides an important criterion to ensure that the family's vision is also achieved. Regardless of the number of family members or the size of the business, the main focus of entrepreneurial families should be organization and harmonization. Harmonization; It will be accomplished through the right combination of structures such as family councils, family gatherings and family constitutions and family education.

Grant Thornton Turkey, to be able to transfer the family businesses operating in our country in large numbers to the next generations in a healthy way, provides services that enable institutional processes to be structured in a functional way and turn them into sustainable organizations and is a companion for the future transformations of our family businesses.


PhD. Aziz M. Hatipağaoğlu