Business Risk Management Services

Internal Audit

Internal audit refers to a form of consultancy providing independent and objective assurance with a view to enhancing the operations of an organization and adding value to it. Internal audit provides a systematic and disciplined approach for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes of the organization, helping it to achieve its goals.

Internal audit allows you to take measures in advance against potential risks you may face in various time frames, by clarifying your current state.

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we employ an objective perspective to auditing process, and help our clients in;

  • Understanding the current state of affairs and identifying the risks in the context of achieving the organization’s goals
  • Evaluating the existing state of affairs using applicable standards and measures
  • Submitting the findings and proposals to the management
  • Ensuring the reliability of the financial statements produced through the processes, and the compliance of the company’s operations with its strategies, decisions, and internal and external regulations

Internal controls

Internal control is a must-have of any process management and business excellence perspective. Through internal control, organizations engage in what can be considered auto-critique, and get a better view of the effectiveness of their processes. This allows them to come up with roadmaps towards achieving higher efficiency in operations and optimal production volumes.

Grant Thornton Turkey offers various distinct methods for internal control procedures regarding various operations such as tax procedures, financial statements, regulatory compliance, accounting standards, procurement processes, and production processes.