Our Consulting Services

Freight Return Application

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we carry out the preparation of application files for the freight refunds made under DFIF and the receipt of the refunds. Customs Duty Refund Application We follow the process of returning the customs duties paid to the customs authorities, through our experts provided that they are applied within three years, even though they should not be paid.

Green Passport Application

Each year in the last three years, 1 million US dollars in exports to the companies 1, 10 million dollars in exports of two companies on average, twenty million dollars in the average export companies are entitled to three green passports. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide consultancy services to our clients in this process.

Collateral Analysis

Facilitations such as lump-sum collateral, partial collateral and global collateral applied in customs relieve your company in terms of financing. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we are determining the correct use of collateral for our customer companies.

Producing Solutions to Your Foreign Trade and Customs Questions and Problems

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer satisfactory solutions to your company’s questions and problems regarding foreign trade and Customs.

Foreign Trade Cost Analysis

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide solutions for ensuring the minimization of the costs such as order, warehouse, customs clearance, international shipping, domestic shipping and so on.

Obtaining Ministry Permits

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we carry out follow-up of labour, used machinery import permits, registration certificate.

VÖGİB | Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance Application

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide the customs procedures of the complete containers arriving by sea before the goods arrival at the customs territory of Turkey.