Cost Accounting Services

Grant Thornton provides guidance to increase the profitability of our corporate clients in a steady trend.

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we believe that sustainable enterprise management can be possible only with high-quality information produced through cost accounting. The cost accounting services we offer to our corporate clients help them and provide guidance in managing the cost structures involved. We develop a sustainable profitability roadmap for our corporate clients based on a “growth-oriented” service perspective.

We Enhance the Financial Agility of Our Corporate Clients...

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we help our corporate clients maintain their competitive edge. Thanks to qualified human resources specializing in reporting and cost accounting, we help our corporate clients through cost accounting processes regarding operating expenses (e.g. materials and consumables, distribution costs, labor and general production costs). In other words, we make a cost assessment of the service produced, and plan profitable and productive business processes for our corporate clients. We bring in the “focus on growth” perspective, which is part of Grant Thornton’s organizational DNA, to enhance the business processes of our corporate clients.

We Set up Cost Systems for our Clients

Grant Thornton provides below mentioned services in order to enhance financial agility of our clients through cost accounting systems: 

  • Establishment of cost accounting system
  • Preparation of reports on costs and profitability for submission to the company management