AEO / YYS Services

Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO) Application

In order to benefit from effective and priority customs simplifications such as reliable firm status and green line, on-site customs clearance and use of 1% collateral in customs transactions, an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) application file should be prepared and applied to the Ministry of Commerce. The preparation of your AEO application file and full compliance with the legislation requires expertise and knowledge of customs. The files prepared inadequately and far from the customs technique are rejected by the administration resulting in loss of labor, time and money. With the Customs Chief Inspector and our customs oriented teams, Grant Thornton Turkey prepares your files with customs technique, until the delivery of your document from the AEO application process, we manage the whole process in a thorough manner. In this context, we provide the following services for our customers: Filling in Annex-2 questionnaire, Writing missing standards and business procedures, Preparation of application files, Application to the Regional Directorate, Follow-up of applications at the General Directorate of Risk Control, Welcoming the Inspector at your company and presenting your presentation together, Submission of your document. Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO) Annual Report Preparation The owners of the AEO carry out the customs procedures at the green line or at their own facilities. However, this should not be considered as a state of non-supervision. The owners of the AEO are obliged to submit all customs transactions and related records to the regional directorate within three months after each 12-month period. We are working with experienced Customs Chief Inspectors.

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we determine the customs declarations and accounts that need to be examined by conducting risk analysis with the Customs Chief Inspectors that have more than 20 years of experience and the regulations that have mandated the examination of AEO. In addition to inspecting your customs procedures carried out within the scope of the AEO certificate, we submit their findings to the regional directorate by linking them to the annual report.

AEO | We Provide Authorized Obliged Status Application Trainings

In order for your application to be made at Grant Thornton Turkey, customs and supply chain training must be provided to your employees by your company. Grant Thornton as Turkey; we offer trainings in the comfort of your company with our instructor staff consisting of chief inspector, instructor and customs consultants.

Compulsory Trainings to Be Repeated Every Year The changing legislation and employee circulation reveal situations that may pose risks during the realization of foreign trade and customs transactions. In order to minimize these risks, it is obligatory to train the employees of the company on foreign trade and customs issues every year. Compulsory Trainings to Be Repeated Every Three Years

Supply chain trainings are required every three years. AEO |Authorized Economic Status File Update The companies holding the AEO Certificate are obliged to update the Annex-2 questionnaire within three months after the end of the third 12-month period following the receipt of the certificate and submit it to the regional directorate. As Grant Thornton Turkey, our experienced team, updates your Annex-2 questionnaire within three months of the end of the 36th month following your document acquisition and presents it to the Ministry in a complete manner.