Trainings and Circulars

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we believe that all enterprises and executives need to keep a close eye on the changes in regulations. In order to avoid any fines the Revenue Administration or other government agencies may impose, and to make use of various benefits such as subsidies and discounts, the enterprises need to keep an eye on the regulations. 

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we organize tax trainings, alongside our efforts to keep a close eye on the circulars and communiqués of the Ministry of Finance, to keep our corporate clients in the loop as required. Thanks to this strategic service we have been providing as Grant Thornton Turkey, our corporate clients are able to get access to accurate information easily, without getting mired in an ocean of laws and regulations. 

The trainings we provide at Grant Thornton Turkey, regarding Tax Laws, are open to not only business executives, but also professionals working with Tax Law.