Tax Audit (Full Certification) Services

At Grant Thornton Turkey, within the framework of Tax Audit (Full Certification) Services, we develop solutions to completely meet any legal requirements. Under Turkish Tax Regulations, Tax Audit (Full Certification) Services have been introduced through the Certified Public Accountancy and Sworn Certified Public Accountancy Law no. 3568. The tax audits are performed by tax experts, with reference to the tax standards, laws and regulations in effect in Turkey, entail the checking of the companies’ financial statements.  

Tax Audit is a Major Requirement for All Companies

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we diligently implement the tax audit process, which is a crucial procedure for any taxpayer company. Through audits performed by our experienced and specialized human resources, we review the full certification reports belonging to our corporate taxpayer clients. Through the full certification report drawn up by our experts, we provide tips to the senior management of our corporate clients about certain types of mistakes which can be identified in advance, and thus help avoid any potential problems they may have with tax authorities. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we help eliminate any incorrect practices to affect our corporate clients. 

We Offer Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax Certification Services 

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we also offer Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax Certification Services to taxpayer companies, in line with applicable regulatory requirements. Our outstanding human resources not only assist our corporate clients in meeting the requirements of tax standards and obligations, but also offer a “growth focused” road map by identifying potential incorrect practices and risks. 

At Grant Thornton Turkey, our full certification report processes are concluded with the submission of the full certification report to the tax authority. We offer planning services to help our clients to make optimal decisions and take the best steps in subsequent stages.