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Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation Process

Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation Process

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide opportunities to generate new revenue and value. Our world is becoming more connected than ever. Billions of smart devices and machines create a bridge between real and virtual worlds, producing more and more data.

The success rate of new product promotions has increased by 70% today. 75% of consumer deliveries on the same day are carried out by demand-based, socially connected distribution networks. Autonomous vehicles reduced ownership of the second car, reducing congestion by 10% in the cities served. 25% of retail shopping takes place in multi-channel trade markets. Corporations create digital ecosystems using digital technologies and create customer-oriented business models. Digital transformation is the approach that enables enterprises to make changes in their business models and ecosystems by making use of digital competencies. We are ready to be your proud and experienced partner in the journey of digitization. This is also very exciting and global digitalization has become inevitable for the development of the wealth of industries, business and nations.

All employees within the business are influenced by the digital age and must strategically use digital tools and access capabilities. A digital strategy is a comprehensive and holistic approach to the development of the digital age, including message, audience, media options and technology. As a digital strategy rather than an IT plan, the technology itself requires a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect itself and the areas in which it is applied. Digital strategy involves both how to apply new digital technology to existing business areas and how to define new business opportunities through digital competence.

  • A digital strategy identifies and evaluates the digital capability and potential of a business.
  • It allows to change the digital capabilities and improvements of existing activities for better digital capacity.
  • It evaluates new opportunities for the use of digital capabilities to expand the scope or goal of the business.

It develops a roadmap to improve digital capabilities and practices, including technology development, personnel practices and their alignment with the business's strategic and business goals.

Grant Thornton Turkey is leading the way with you in the preparation and implementation of your business's digital strategy, making important contributions in preparing for the future from now on.


PhD. Aziz M. Hatipağaoğlu