Corporate Finance Services

The following services are offered to develop the financing model to match the firms’ requirements with reference to their business and investment plans, and in parallel to the efforts to determine any need for resources and restructuring, against the background of the conjecture in the financial and capital markets and the developments in the wider economy: 

Mergers and acquisitions: The restructuring of corporations in line with the analysis of domestic and international markets within the framework of the demand for redetermination of the areas of operation in light of globalization, and rendering operations sustainable

Public offerings: Planning the public offering model based on the area of operations of the firm, for a successful public offering (sale of shareholders’ shares, public offering through capital increase, real estate investment trust, selection of the right market for quotation) and the management of the process in a manner to maximize the returns expected from the public offering

Export of debt instruments: Export of debt instruments employing models to match the requirements of financial structures of the firms

Financial restructuring: Restructuring of debt and providing access to alternative sources of finance, in accordance with the fluctuations in the markets and the changing conjecture.

Financial risk management: Assessment and management of financial risks

Corporate governance: Development of corporate governance principles and associated structures as a crucial parameter in terms of institutionalization and sustainability of family firms; ensuring internalization of these principles

Investor relations: The organization of investor relations department at current and prospective publicly held corporations, with a view to positioning the firm correctly in the eyes of local and foreign investors in the process of institutionalization, and maintaining the relationships

Real Estate Investment Partnership – Real Estate Investment Fund: Establishment and advisory.