Public Policy Consultancy

Economic development with a sustainability approach can have a positive effect beyond economic growth: offering expectations to individuals at a personal level and in the community,    can promote productive and decent working environments, can increase health services and welfare, it could allow for better education and thus break vicious circle of poverty.

The environmental impacts and pressure on ecosystems and climate change can be lessened if growth is guided effectively. We consider economic development in a holistic context, accounting for natural resources and negative externalities of production and consumption. This is of particular importance to developing countries as the poor population tends to be most vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change.

The administrative enabling frameworks provided by governments to support private sector development are in many developing countries in need reform and improvement. Administrative procedures are extremely time consuming, inefficient and often result in a lack of competition. Information is asymmetrical for many people and it is very difficult to obtain. All of these factors hamper growth and development unnecessarily.

The precondition for inclusive economic growth and for increasing public income in these countries is the further development of a business enabling environment. Much of the economic growth depends on the efficiency and reliability of economic policymaking and its implementation. State actors must be able to draft pro-growth economic policy with minimal undesired externalities and they must be able to translate the policy into practice.

As Grant Thornton Turkey, sustainable economic development, stable growth and adaptation of policies to encourage private sector development and implementation, we advising the public authorities.

In this context, we ensure the development and implementation of their economic policies with the following activities:

  • To help create economic policy analysis,
  • Helping the development of stakeholder consultation mechanism, especially through e-government platforms or mobile phone solutions,
  • To help the establishment and development of public and private institutions required to develop social and ecological aspects of economic policies,
  • Assist in the drafting and consultation process of appropriate economic policies and reforms,
  • Assist with consulting and capacity development services in developing and putting national poverty reduction strategies into practice,
  • We support the implementation of decentralisation and regional economic policies, administrative structures, economic clusters and regional value chains.
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Partner, Department Head of TURQUALITY® and Management Consultancy Services
PhD. Aziz M. Hatipağaoğlu
PhD. Aziz M. Hatipağaoğlu
Partner, Department Head of TURQUALITY® and Management Consultancy Services
PhD. Aziz M. Hatipağaoğlu