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Tax Services

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we combine our global expertise with the local experience we developed, and always stand by our corporate taxpayer clients.

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we combine our global experience with the local experience we accumulated. With specialized human resources focusing on various aspects of Turkish Tax Regulations, we help our corporate taxpayer clients achieve perfect compliance with the duties and responsibilities imposed on them in regulatory processes. Turkish Tax Regulations are characterized with certain operational complexities. Against this background, we offer satisfactory solutions to our corporate clients in terms of compliance with regulatory requirements. We keep a close eye on current regulations and provide our corporate taxpayer clients necessary information.

Extensive Expertise in Full Certification Tax Services...

Alongside the full certification tax services provided under Turkish Tax Regulations, the recent developments regarding current regulations should be conveyed to taxpayer enterprises in an accurate and diligent manner.  Within the framework of full certification tax services, the regulations applicable to the enterprises, along with their financial statements and principles are reviewed. Doing so can help prevent any incorrect or wrong tax practices. Furthermore, these efforts can prevent any losses –financial or otherwise– the enterprises may suffer.

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer comprehensive full certification tax services, with our competent and specialized human resources. Our company diligently reviews legal documents and procedures and make its extensive experience, knowledge and expertise regarding various industries available to our corporate taxpayer clients, to help them overcome any potential risks they may face.

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer extensive tax services with a “growth-focused” organizational structure. Our tax-related services cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Tax certification
  • Tax calculation
  • Reporting
  • Periodical tax audit services
  • General tax consultancy services
  • VAT return reports
  • TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) support and R&D reporting services
  • Tax audit and consultancy services rendered in relation to tax litigation
  • Tax planning services
  • Reporting for Industrial Theses Program (San-tez) projects
  • Reporting for EU projects
  • Authoring of special purpose reports (Capital report, financial situation assessment report etc.)
  • Training services
  • Circular distribution

At Grant Thornton Turkey, through our certification activities, we offer the following benefits to our corporate taxpayer clients:

  • Early diagnosis and correction of incorrect tax practices
  • Review of income and expense documents over a sample, or in their totality, followed by a review thereof from a tax perspective
  • Review of tax returns
  • Review of statutory accounts for compliance with Uniform Accounting Plan and practices
  • Review of payroll as per tax and social security
  • Review of depreciation for compliance with tax laws
  • Separation of non-deductible expenses and non-taxable incomes
  • Review of all balance sheet accounts for compliance with the valuation principles of the Tax Procedure Code and other tax laws
  • Review of incomes as potential exemptions from corporate income tax
  • Assessment of corporate income tax discount figure under investment subsidy certificate regime

At Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer various solutions to help our taxpayer clients perform their obligations perfectly, with our outstanding expertise and experience. In the light of the experience we have acquired through engagement with a large number of corporate taxpayer clients operating in a number of industries, we offer tax audits for our corporate taxpayer clients in compliance with applicable tax regulations and obligations.