Grant Thornton International prepares and publishes special publications that will be of interest to business representatives in both technical and socio-economic matters. In addition to technical issues such as auditing, taxation and consultancy, the company also explores and examines technical issues in local markets with the participation of top executives from 50 countries and guides on developments in other international markets. Publications as a result of research conducted independently by Grant Thornton, is carried out with the cooperation of trusted institutions in Turkey or abroad. You can choose from the titles you see on the left and access the publications you want. Grant Thornton International conducts research on economic issues in consultation with senior executives. For each meeting held, the United Nations' aid organization, which is established to protect the children of the world and to improve their living conditions, allocates 5 USD to UNICEF and transfers this resource to UNICEF at the end of each year. An average of 62,500 USD is accumulated annually in this fund. With this method, the amount allocated to UNICEF has reached 330,000 USD.