R&D / Design Center Legislation Consultancy

  • Calculation of Corporate Tax Deduction Amount in Compliance with the R&D Legislation 
  • Determination of R&D / Design Project Costs In Correct Way
  • Checking R & D / Design Personnel Workhours Regarding Whether Minimum Full Time Equivalent are Provided or Not
  • Consultancy on Income Tax Withholding Incentives and Employer's Support for Insurance Premiums, Calculated Based on Personnel Wages 
  • Consultancy on Additional Tax Incentives and Exemptions (Customs Duty, Stamp Duty, VAT, Basic Sciences Support) 
  • Establishing Internal Systems Of R&D / Hr / Accounting Departments In Compliance With R&D Legislation And Audit Of Documentation In This Regards.
  • Consultancy for Audits of R&D / Design Central Evaluation and Audit Committee 
  • Approval of Financial Reports Prepared for Projects Belonging to Cash Supporting Organizations
  • Organizing Detailed Trainings Regarding the Operation of R&D Legislation and Dynamics