In The Community

Corporate social responsibility is a way of operating for Grant Thornton and a ‘vehicle’ towards sustainable development. We have incorporated the principles of CSR in our culture, seeking to operate in a particular moral framework, in collaboration with the wider community in which we operate.

As people, we don’t work in isolation. We’re part of communities that often require our assistance. Through corporate social responsibility initiatives, our people make a valuable contribution and take part in rewarding experiences.

Our firm provides a range of inspirational and generous services to the community, Our focus CSR areas are children and education because we believe these two are our future.

At the same time, we encourage our employees to do volunteer work and we recognise their corporate social responsibility activities, whether they are working with charities, supporting education, healthcare or the environment.

As well as being a rewarding experience personally, the skills you develop through these initiatives could be invaluable in your future career.