Growing You

At Grant Thornton we believe learning and development opportunities allow you to perform at your best every day. And when you are at your best, we are the best at serving our clients.

We help people perform at their full potential in all service lines and departments

Internal Training & Development Programme

Our internal training programme is running for our people, by our people, and offers learning and development opportunities relevant to all stages of your career. We aim to strike the right balance between technical and professional skills development, so you can better serve clients while learning more about your service area.

Support for Professional Qualifications

We believe in the value of professional qualifications for your career. We also know how challenging it can be to balance study and full-time work, so we give our people comprehensive support in obtaining their qualifications.

Pushing our boundaries 

At Grant Thornton, part of our culture is an eagerness to do things differently. We want all of our people to challenge the status quo and put their mark on our firm. We believe that by breaking out of your comfort zone, you’ll build valuable new skills and offer even more to our clients.

So, how do we challenge you? Or, how do we allow you to challenge yourself?

We judge our people on the basis of their ability rather than their tenure. For instance, at Grant Thornton, career progression is determined by merit, encompassing an individual’s commitment, desire to achieve and their results.

The size and shape of Grant Thornton’s business means there are many options in terms of career mobility. If you want a new challenge, a new industry to investigate, a new client group to work with, or even a new service area to learn about, you will always have our support and given the opportunity we will try to make this happen for you. By moving into new areas, you can build your professional knowledge and networks, and bring fresh insights into other teams.

We don’t want you to be comfortable. At Grant Thornton, we want you to push the boundaries.